Expenses in Egypt

Entry fees

It takes a lot to get there, but when you are in Egypt, it does not cost too much. On the contrary, you have to save a bit more for the entrance fees. Here you are some actual charges for your information (applicable with ISIC card, the full fee is the double of the above mentioned prices). They reflect the April 1999 situation but the prices are pretty stable.

Suggestion: There is no point in visiting more. Most of them are usually closed and the rest is extremely crowded. Arrive very early in the morning, and to have complete view on the Egyptian tomb-art, select the tombs of Thutmosis III, Merneptah, Rameses III or Rameses VI.

A kind request: when you are on site, please remember that you are visiting tombs of rulers of a magnificent age. Though the surroundings, the heat of the desert and the crowd makes anyone easily forget it, please note that you are in a cemetery. We do not ask you to light a candle and sweep your tears, but remember with reverence to those royalties, who were set here for eternal peace. Please consider this and act accordingly.

"It means no expenses for your coffer, and it is not troublesome for the mouth to say. For those who do what I said, I shall protect their health and I shall guard their children."

- Sobekhotep

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