Anubis (Inpu)

Any of you doesn’t know the jackal-headed god of funerary districts and mummification, who is one of the most popular characters of the Egyptian pantheon despite the fact that he rarely mentioned in the mythology. His place on the gods’ family free is worth examination: he is the bastard son of Osiris and Nephtys (Nebet-het) – Osiris confused Nephtys with Isis – at least was his excuse at home. :-)

Due to his black jackal head and his function related to the necropolises he is a preferred character of horror movies, yet he never deserved to be considered as evil deity.

It is definitely suggested to appreciate his good-will since every mortal being could need his help and benevolence during the “judgement of heart”. Anubis can do a lot about it! On the pictures of Book of the Dead, he is the one who is kneeling under the balance. He sometimes even adjusts it in order to gain more advantageous result for the heart, which cannot be measured heavier than the feather of Maat, the goddess of ultimate truth and order. At least until the result is registered.

So, don’t regret the bread, beer and incense sacrifices.

Anubis accepts offerings in the Anubis chapel of Hatshepsut's mortuary temple at Deir-el-Bahri (18th dynasty)

Anubis in Horemheb's tomb (18th dynasty)

Anubis sculpture from Tutankhamun's tomb. (18th dynasty)Measuring of the heart - Anubis "adjusts the odds". Detail of a papyrus of  Book of the Dead. (Presumably 19th dynasty)       

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