Thoth (Djehuti)

Thoth is the ibis-headed god of writing and sciences, usually portrayed with papyrus and writing-reed in hand. Due to his characteristics, he has been identified with the Greek Hermes, in esoteric circles he is usually referred to as Hermes Trismegistos (Hermes, The Three-Times Great), the initiate wise philosopher widely respected in the later ages. It is entrancing that he stands without relatives in the Egyptian pantheon. His personality is related also with the moon.

His mythology is pretty comprehensive and talkative. He has place in the Sun-bark, Ra's celestial ship, he is present at the "measuring of the heart" where he is responsible to record the result, and beside of all, he is the one who heals Horus' eye when it suffers injury during the fight against Seth (this eye will become the magical Wedjat Eye that was used as protecting amulet).

But he has a further role, a function much more important but not clearly visible through the web of legends. In the Sun-bark Thoth is the guardian of the "Order of the World". It comes to light in an episode of the myth of Osiris and Isis. When Isis hides the baby Horus in the swamp of the Delta from Seth's anger, the young god gets bitten by a scorpion. Isis starts screaming so desperately that the Sun-bark stops on its heavenly path. This is more than a scandal! The world's order requires the Sun-bark to continue its way on the celestial Nile over and over again, without interruption. The gods ask Thoth to jump out and put the things back to their order. The god heals Horus, Isis stops crying and the Sun-bark can continue its way - as it is supposed to be. (Well ... they stop by to pick up Thoth.)

His cult is recommended to practice intensively especially during the exam-periods! It worked for me! :-)

Thoth with a crown associates the Moon, and writing tools in hand.
Thoth, with ibis head, Moon shaped crown and his writing tools in hand

Thoth greats Seti I
Thoth greats King Sethi I as a friend and equal

Wedjat eye - to serve and protect :o)
Wedjat eye: powerful protective amulet for overcoming the troubles

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