Middle Kingdom
(2060 - 1785 BC)

11th dynasty

Intef (Inyotef) (Theben nomarch, not yet a pharaoh)
Montuhotep I, "The Ancestor" (did not wear the Double Crown)
Intef I (Sehertawy)
Intef II (Wahankh)
Intef III
Montuhotep II, Nebhepetre
(2007 - 1986 BC)

The union was actually restored during his reign. He was respected as a second state-former. His mortuary temple is right beside the temple of queen Hatshepsut at Deir-el-Bahari.

Montuhotep III, Sankhare
(1986 - 1956 BC)
Montuhotep IV Nebtawyre
(1956 - 1944 BC)

12th dynasty (1989-1790 BC)

Amenemhet I
(1937 - 1908 BC)
He had been the vizier of pharaoh Montuhotep III. It is unrevealed how he seized the power and enthroned his dynasty. Later he became the victim of an assassination.
Senwosret I, Kepherkare
Amenemhet II
Senwosret II Khakeperre
Senwosret III, Khakaure
(1836 - 1817 BC)
Amenemhet III He scores the Black Pyramid at Dahsur and the brick-pyramid in Hawara. His mortuary temple is the famous Labyrinths in the Fayyum oasis, the remains of which has never been found. He executed the first water-control project of the history at the Moiris-lake.
Amenemhet IV
Sobeknoferure (Sobekkare)
or Neferusobek
The 2nd queen on the throne of Two Lands.

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