Late Period

25th dynasty ( 715 – 657 BC ) - Kushites

(690 - 664 BC)
His memorial column remained beautifully in the Karnak Temple. By his time the Babylonian king Assurahiddina overran Egypt, and taxated the Two Lands. Taharqa had to siege Memphis...
Tantamani Assurbanipal Babylonian king established administrative control over Upper Egypt. To break the Kushite rulers resistence, raids up to Thebes and plunders the city.

26th dynasty (664 - 525 BC) - Saite reign

Neko I He is not member of 26th dynasty. Ruled simultaneously with Taharqa, in Sais, and rebelled against the Babylonian opression. Assurbanipal captured him, but released with great mercy. Returning from Ninua, Neko helped the Babylonian king until he (Neko) found his death at the siege of Memphis.
Psammetichus I Son of Neko, founder of the 26th dynasty. Ruled simultaneously with Tantamani.
Neko II He had to face the army of the Babylonian prince Nabucadnazar at the walls of Carchemish, who after inheriting the throne dragged the Jews into the Babylonian captivity.
Psammetichus II
Amasis He served Apries as a general.
Psammetichus III

Under his rule Cambyses II Persian king attacked and annexed Egypt.

27th dynasty (525 - 404 BC) First Persian Domination

(525 - 522 BC)
He was the subject of vivid hatred of the Egyptians. According to the legend, after his army perished in the desert on its way to Siwa and he returned to Memphis, the people were about to celebrate the festival of Apis, so the king stabbed the sacred bull with his lance in his anger and the belief that the people were celebrating his misfortune. (The army has been found recently spontaneously mummified in the sand). On his way back to Persia, Cambyses accidentally stabbed himself with the same lance on his thigh and he bled to death. He stabbed himself exactly where he stabbed the Apis.
Darius I
(521 - 486 BC)
Builder of the Hibis Temple at the Kharga oasis
Xerxes I
Artaxerxes I
(465 - 424 BC)
It happened under his reign that the Egyptians set the Jewish colony of Elephantine on fire after the Jews sacrificed sheep in front of the temple of god Khnum, who is represented as a ram.
Darius II

28th dynasty (404-399 BC)


29th dynasty (399 - 393 BC)

Nepherites I
Nepherites II

30th dynasty (380 - 343 BC)

Nektanebo I
Nektanebo II

He ordered to start the construction of the Horus Temple of Edfu.

-The Second Persian Domination -

Artaxerxes III Ochos
Darius III Codomannos

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