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Djoser's and Userqaf's pyramids at Saqqara - photo by Born Pyramids of Saqqara
It is the Step Pyramid of Djoser in the background, with Userqaf's badly ruined pyramid in the foreground.
Saqqara, 3rd and 5th dynasty

(Around 2600 and 2450 BC)
Born's photo

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  640*480      495 Kb


Menkaura (Mycerinus)
This famous artefact has
more examples, all of them features the Pharaoh and Hathor with a different nome deity. This one is the finest.
(4th dynasty, around 2480 BC)
(C) Egyptian Museum, Cairo

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  640*480     180 Kb

Mycerinus with Hathor and a nome deity
Dzsószer szobra a Lépcsős piramis szerdábfülkéjéből

This statue was at the serdab of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.

3rd dynasty, around 2600 BC
(C) Egyptian Museum, Cair

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1024*768        823 Kb
  800*600        568 Kb
  640*480        376 Kb

The Step Pyramid
Saqqara, built around 2600 BC
Builder: Djoser (3rd dynasty)
Architect: Imhotep
Born's photo

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1024*768    2216 Kb
  800*600    1341 Kb
  640*480      846 Kb

Lépcsős piramis Szakkarában - Born felvétele

Cat statuette (Goddess Bastet) - (C) Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Cat Statuette (Goddess Bastet)
It had earrings originally, and its forehead was decorated with a golden scarab inlay. The cult of the cats and Bastet is ancient, but it reached its prime time by the Third Intermediate Period.
Bronze, 26th (saite) dynasty
around 660-525 BC
(C) Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Background graphics by Born

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  640*480      487 Kb

Achenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh
The Amarna reform he started, led to great development in the arts, but drove the countries and their unity into terrible dangers.
(C) White Star S.r.l., Luca Rossi

(C) Luxor Museum

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1024*768      462 Kb
  800*600      303 Kb
  640*480      202 Kb

Achenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh

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Garfield and Egypt!

ÉSzAH and Born has their other favourites of their own and between the top ones Garfield has his special place. So let us offer some pictures where the two favourites: Garfield and Egypt meet one and other - especially in honour of Bastet!

Party All The Time! - (C) Jim Davis Party all the time!
On this picture Garifeld presents the high fashion of the Nagada I age, the Middle Kingdom and the Greek-Roman period. ;o)
(C) Jim Davis

Resolution       Size
1024*768    1244 Kb
  800*600      803 Kb
  640*480      526 Kb

The Great Find
"Oh, finally you find me, my sarcophagus is nearly empty!"
(C) Jim Davis

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1024*768    1068 Kb
  800*600      686 Kb
  640*480      443 Kb

The Grat Find! - (C) Jim Davis
Mummy Party - (C) Jim Davis Mummy Party
Saqqara, 5th dynasty... ooh, sorry, it is not that one!
(C) Jim Davis

Resolution       Size
1024*768    1729 Kb
  800*600    1088 Kb
  640*480      703 Kb

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